Ubisoft Mainz [03/2018 - now]

Intern, Working Student, Junior, Intermediate

Anno 1800

The seventh incarnation of Ubisoft Blue Byte's strategy simulation classic.

Student Projects

All semester projects were created in a team of 4-5 people in about 3-4 months of time each.
The bachelor project was done alone.


Bachelor Project

A 4D renderering system with 3D output, featuring lighting. Presented on a autostereoscopic 3D display.

Programming, Rendering


Semester 6

A fast-paced hardcore 2D plattformer inspired by Celeste and Ori And The Blind Forest set in a mysterious jungle.

Programming, Game Design, Project Management

Mission: EOS

Semester 5

A strategy programming game where you colonize mars using rovers that you build up from modules and program yourself.

Programming, Project Management

A Watch Into The Past

Semester 3

A narrative first person adventure around solving a crime using a watch that is able to bend the time you are playing in.

Programming, Writing, Creative Direction

Under The Light

Semester 2

A 3D first person puzzle adventure inspired by Portal where you have to solve puzzles by creating lightbridges and reversing gravity.

Programming, Game Design, Creative Direction

Hobby Projects

All hobby projects were created fully by myself, if not specified otherwise.


A rogue-like game inspired by The Binding Of Isaac.

Created in a custom C++ & OpenGL engine featuring entity component system, dynamic lighting and shadowmapping.

Fish Firework

A networked bullet hell game about shooting the crap out of angry looking fish, created in Unity

Years Of The Settlers

A building strategy game inspired by the Anno series. Created in a 4 day game jam.